Wedding Ring Care: 10 Things to Keep Your Wedding Band Shining Forever

    How to Clean and Care For Your Wedding Ring: Tips, Best Practices, The Do’s and Don’ts


    Let’s face it: wedding rings need care and attention to stay shiny and pristine.


    If you take a look at your own ring, you’ll probably notice that it’s become blemished or just plain grimy – and that’s no fun!

    But don’t feel guilty.

    If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to dislodging dirt and bringing some serious sparkle back to your precious ring, we’ve got you covered.

    We’re here to make sure that you learn all of the techniques needed to maintain your wedding band so that it lasts as long as your marriage – or even better, ‘till death do you part. So let’s get started:

    How to Clean and Care for a Gold Ring? 

    Caring for a wedding ring doesn’t have to be stressful. Cleaning your gold rings can be an easy and thought-free process if done correctly.

    Follow these tips to keep your jewelry shining the same way it was when you first saw it:

    • No strong bumps or whacks (It is jewelry, after all)
    • Avoid sticky situations by removing your ring BEFORE playing with cosmetics or oils
    • Take off before bedtime (Fighting monsters is easier when ringless)
      If you’re not wearing it, keep it safe (Duh)
    • For chains, store the necklace with the ends clasped (to avoid any tangles or knots)
    • To clean gold and diamond rings, use warm water, a toothbrush, and scrub gently. (Or just send it to us and we’ll do the dirty work for you)
    • Avoid exposing to household bleach (Bleach destroys gold)
    • Keep away from pirates or trolls that want to steal your treasure

    Keep your wedding ring shining forever by following these steps

    What is the Best Way To Clean a Ring with Diamonds?

    Even the most dazzling of wedding bands can lose some sparkle and become permanently damaged if neglected. But be warned: when it comes to keeping your ring spotless and blemish free, too much enthusiasm may not be the greatest thing.

    Say no to harsh and abrasive substances.

    This may leave you wondering, how do I properly clean a ring at home? We suggest gently scrubbing your diamond rings with warm water and a small amount of dish soap for 3 to 5 minutes. Promptly dry your ring with a polishing cloth, and store in a safe dry place once finished.

    If in doubt, avoid experimenting. Instead, ask your jeweller for professional advice.   

    How to Clean a Platinum Ring?

    Always remember to keep your wedding ring safe

    Cleaning a platinum diamond ring is no different from any other

    Other Precious Stones Ring Care Instructions

    Visit your jeweller if your wedding ring is too tight or loose

    How Often Should You Clean Your Ring?

    If you’re used to wearing your ring at all times it’s difficult to realise when it needs a clean. So put some time aside to have a serious look at it at least once or twice a year.
    This way you’ll be able to proactively spruce it up and spot blemishes before they worsen - leading to irreversible (and expensive) damage.

    Treat your ring well and it will bring you pleasure for many years to come.

    When Should I Get My Wedding Ring Professionally Cleaned?

    Your ring will pick up a bundle of scratches through everyday use.
    This is why professional cleaning is so important. It’s the surest way to shield your ring from contaminants.

    Once a year, check in with your jeweler.

    It will give them ample opportunity to check for damage that you may not have noticed yourself.

    Wrapping Up

    Your wedding ring should last a lifetime and far beyond.

    Want some good news? The fact is: with proper maintenance, your ring will very rarely be beyond restoration or repair. So these tips will help keep you on the right track towards lengthening the lifespan of your ring so that you can cherish every moment with it in your possession.

    If you need any advice or help, contact us for a quick check up.