Top 10 Wedding Bands for Men

    When faced with the mind-boggling challenge of choosing a wedding band from the unbelievably boring array of men’s wedding bands out there, the proposal itself seems like a blip on the radar.

    Agonize no more. We’ve hit the cobblestones of Paris, the pavements of New York and everywhere in between to bring you a selection of wedding rings that balance quality and style, with a price tag you can stomach.

    In true Rockford fashion, all of the rings in this article are fully customizable. Available in 14k gold, 18k gold, and platinum, the only limit to how you personalize your wedding ring is your imagination. Change the diamond colors, gold patterns, and carat weights- every ring in the Rockford Collection arsenal is fully customizable to your exact preferences.

    Read on to discover 10 of the best wedding bands for men.

    La Paz Two-Tone Gold Wedding Band with 1.20ct Diamonds
    by Rockford Collection

    two tone gold wedding ring for men


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    The La Paz ring from the NYC-based disruptors at Rockford Collection was inspired by the daring and open-hearted explorers who discovered the La Paz gold mine in Arizona.

    ‘Paz’ translates from Spanish to ‘peace’, so the design doubles down on meaning, bringing a calmness to the big day and beyond. Expertly crafted from white and yellow 18kt gold, the decadent design is soldered in place with the designer’s signature screw details and set with 1.2ct diamonds. The two-tone design takes the effort out of mixing and matching with other pieces too.

    The Moss 
    by Rockford Collection

    diamond wedding ring for men


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    Rounded edges paired with geometric shapes give the Moss ring a futuristic feel. Inspired by Captain John Moss and his crew of Californian soldiers, this ring was designed for the courageous men and women who truly understand the definition of  “Acts of Service”.

    This solid gold unique men’s wedding band is handcrafted in Miami from over 30 individual pieces of gold- a testament to Rockford Collection’s meticulous craftsmanship.

    The Northstar 
    by Rockford Collection

    gold link wedding band for men


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    Inspired by the guiding light of the Northern star, the design of the Northstar wedding band is a sure conversation starter. The solid gold links of the Northstar are pave set with brilliant-cut VS1/VS2 diamonds. Rockford Collection is an immigrant owned and operated business that traces its design aesthetic to a passion for engineering.

    When Rockford’s designer and founder Aleksander Chuly emigrated to the United States, he was able to follow his dream of crafting original pieces in New York’s world famous diamond district. The rest is history.

    The Kensington 
    by Rockford Collection

    cuban link ring in gold for men


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    The timeless design of the Kensington ring embodies the strength and quality of the gold that was sourced during the Alaskan gold mining era. Built to last, the design of the Kensington encompasses the iconic two-toned cuban link design, pave set with 1.45ct VS1 diamonds. The unmatched uniqueness of the Kensington ring is complete with signature Rockford screws along the sides of the ring. The interior is satin-smooth, creating a canvas for a meaningful engraving on your wedding ring.

    The Briggs 
    by Rockford Collection

    wide gold ring for men


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    The Briggs wedding band from NYC-based hustlers, Rockford Collection, is decadent and surprisingly practical at the same time. Named after a mine discovered by pioneers of the U.S. Gold Rush, the ring is a symbol of determination and tenacity, made for the man who keeps going, no matter what. Crafted from 18kt gold and packed with 2.10ct diamonds, the two-tone design was tested for comfort and wearability before going into production, and is easily mixed and matched with other pieces in your jewelry artillery.

    The Ropes 
    by Rockford Collection

    Rope ring with diamonds for men


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    When it comes to selecting a wedding band, Rockford’s Ropes collection just makes sense. The Ropes design was inspired by the tenacity of European gold miners who settled in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula. When they discovered a gold mine in 1880, these explorers coined the mine “Ropes” due to the ancient Celtic belief that two twisting ropes symbolized eternity itself. Hand crafted from solid 14k gold, 18k gold, or platinum, the Ropes solid gold wedding ring is for the men and women who think bigger than just here and now: individuals with wisdom and endurance.

    La Paz Atomic
    by Rockford Collection

    silicone ring for men


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    Rockford Collection is reshaping the men’s wedding ring industry with the first ever silicone and precious metal diamond ring. Designed for the men that work with their hands often, (Nurses, mechanics, construction workers, etc) the Atomic ring was created to allow married men and women to sport their loyalty while avoiding the possibility for injury or ring damage. The Atomic ring combines the adaptability of silicone with the opulence of solid gold and natural diamonds. Pair your solid gold or platinum link with a wide variety of band colors. The silicone bands are both interchangeable and replaceable.

    The Cleburne
    by Rockford Collection

    getchelemerald cut diamond ring for men


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    The unique look of the Cleburne ring effortlessly blends innovative design and modern elegance. The Cleburne is complete with Rockford Collection’s signature elements and a breathtaking emerald-cut center diamond. Inspired by the wild nature of Texas, this diamond ring not only serves flawlessly as a unique wedding band but can also serve as a beautiful engagement ring for men.

    The Cleburne ring was created for the autonomous individual who knows their own mind and isn’t afraid to be different. The Cleburne ring can be crafted in your choice of Platinum, 18k gold, or 14k gold.

    The Cortez
    by Rockford Collection

    pave diamond ring for men


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    Symmetry and precision are at the forefront of Cortez's design, with hundreds of diamonds meticulously pave set into perfect rows. This unique wedding ring is complete with Rockford’s iconic screw details that deliver an air of refined masculinity. In true Rockford fashion, this ring is available with a variety of stones including ruby, sapphire, and naturally colored diamonds. Enjoy the dazzling symphony of lights from the 100+ diamonds in this ring throughout the entire day.

    The Jerritt
    By Rockford Collection

    iced out ring for men



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    The Jerritt gold ring is a deserved indulgence, set with 3.30 carats of VS1/VS2 diamonds on every inch of the ring’s exterior and polished to a high shine on the interior. This solid gold comfort fit ring features a customizable gold plate, perfect for adding a personal crest or set of initials. With over 150 individually set diamonds, the Jerritt ring is the proverbial icing to your sophistication cake.