The Top 6 Wide Rings for Big Personalities

    So you’re interested in wide rings? Us too. That’s why we compiled a list of the most iconic wide rings for men and women that we have ever created here at Rockford Collection. Handmade to order, every ring on this list is fully customizable to your exact preferences and desires. Keep reading to see our favorite wide diamond rings by Rockford Collection.

    What Defines a Wide Ring?

    Let's start off by understanding exactly what makes a wide ring, well, wide! Depending on who you ask, a wide wedding ring can range anywhere between 7 mm and 15+ mm wide. Here at Rockford Collection we’re a bit more selective with our ring categories. We define any ring over 10 millimeters (or 1 cm) as a “wide ring”.

    Why do people wear wide rings?

    Rope Gold Ring with Diamonds

    There are many reasons as to why an individual would want a wide ring! Firstly, wide rings are more durable and can withstand more daily wear than a dainty, thin ring. As an added bonus, wide wedding bands provide more space for customizations. Add larger diamonds, include your initials, and even leave room for a secret engraving, the options are endless when you have a wide wedding ring.

    Who Should Wear A Wide Ring?

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    Wide rings look great on everybody. You can wear your wide ring alone, or stacked with thinner rings from your collection if stacking is your thing. We’ve found that wide rings are especially comfortable for individuals with a larger build, after all, big bones require big stones.

    Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Wide Ring

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    • When ordering your wide gold or platinum ring, be aware that your wide band will fit differently than a thin ring. This is why Rockford Collection designed the first ever wide ring sizer on the market- to deliver the most accurate sizing for our unique rings.
    • As always, solid gold and platinum rings should be worn with care. If you want a ring you can really be active in, check out our Atomic Silicone Diamond Ring collection.
    • Wide rings are for a specific lifestyle, so be certain that you want a wide ring and that it will be comfortable for you to wear everyday. Thickness, stone choice, metal type, and stone weight are all factors that can affect how your ring will feel on your hand. If you have questions about how to choose the right ring for your lifestyle, book a consultation with one of our jewelry specialists here
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    Our Top 6 Wide Wedding Rings:

    La Paz 3.30 Carat 13 MM 18k Gold Ring



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    Known for their rebellious designs and industrial aesthetics, Rockford has been designing for the unorthodox for nearly a decade. The La Paz 13 mm diamond ring is no exception. 

    Inspired by pioneers who flocked to Arizona’s La Paz gold mine in the 1800s, this 3.30 carat band is composed of over 50 individual pieces and takes our highly skilled team of craftsmen nearly 30 hours to create.


    Briggs 2.10 Carat 13 MM 14K Gold Ring



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    It is no secret that every Rockford ring has a story behind it. The intricate design of the Briggs 13mm wide 1.00 carat wedding band was inspired by the pioneers who traversed through California's Death Valley to reach the Briggs gold mine. 

    Two solid gold bands encompass the iconic Briggs link on either side, secured by Rockford’s signature screw motifs. The details and intricacy of this design elevate a truly unique wedding band into a wearable work of modern art.


    Northstar 1.70 Carat 13 MM Platinum Ring




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    Precision and artistry are at core of the Rockford Collection’s identity- the Northstar 13 mm diamond ring is no exception. Geometric shapes and negative space paired with the brilliance of pave set VS1 diamonds instantly categorize this ring as an impressive feat of engineering. The ring’s name, Northstar, is a nod to the guiding light that we all carry within us, and the ones we love to help keep us on track.


    Cortez 2.40 Carat Green Diamond Ring



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    The sleek angles and symmetrical lines of Rockford’s Cortez band are emphasized with rows of glittering green and black diamonds totalling 2.40 carats. This show stopping ring is a deserved indulgence, polished to a high shine with space for an intimate engraving on the interior. The slanted edges make for a more comfortable wearing experience while adding a refined touch to every aspect of your life.


    Cleburne 2.70 Carat Platinum Diamond Ring



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    Innovative design and modern elegance blend together to create the commanding Cleburne ring, named after a mine discovered by pioneers in west Texas. Three rows of princess cut diamonds are channel set around the ring in your choice of 14k gold, 18k gold, or platinum. An emerald cut center stone paired with the geometric angles of the hand polished bezel complete this unique men’s diamond ring in a way that leaves one speechless in awe.


    Ropes 2.40 Carat 13 MM Wide Gold Ring

    ropes wide


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    The industrial design of the Ropes ring features three sleek bands of brilliant cut round diamonds separated by two twisted golden ropes. The multiple segments of this ring are secured in place by Rockford’s signature screws, granting an air of refined masculinity. With a total carat weight of 2.40, the Ropes ring is a wearable sculpture that simultaneously celebrates both your past and your future.


    wide gold diamond ring for men

    When choosing a wide ring, there are loads of options available to the modern ring wearer. Whether you want bold, traditional or uniquely unconventional, the options for wide gold rings for men and women are endless. When buying your wide ring, always remember:

    • Double check your ring size
    • Be aware of the dimensions of your ring, always try it on before you buy
    • Ask about lifetime warranties and what coverage your jeweler provides 

    If you have any questions, or would like to speak with a specialist about Rockford Collection’s assortment of wide rings, you can book a free virtual consultation over video chat by clicking here.