Can My Wedding Ring Be Resized?

    Can a Wedding Band Be Resized?

    It’s easily one of the worst feelings in the world - you slide your wedding ring over your finger and you realize: it doesn’t fit. Of all accessories, your wedding ring is the one you want to feel the most comfortable wearing. What good is a ring you can’t wear?

    While most traditional wedding bands can be resized, the Rockford ring is quite different. If you didn’t know, each Rockford ring is handmade to order, crafted exactly to the specifications of each client. This means, best case scenario, you shouldn’t need to adjust your ring’s size unless you’ve had a change of lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about the Rockford Collection resizing process and how to ensure you’ll end up with the right ring size from the get-go.

    How Should Your Ring Fit?


    Before we discuss the process of resizing your ring, you should have an understanding of how a properly sized ring should fit.

    The rule of thumb when selecting a ring size is that the ring should slide over the knuckle of your finger with a slight amount of friction, but doesn’t require too much effort. We always recommend getting a size that is a tad more loose that too tight. Remember, your fingers will naturally change in size depending on your diet, environment, and lifestyle, so keep that in mind when determining your ring size. The two best ways to verify that your ring is a perfect fit are to: 

    1. Squeeze your hand into a fist. If the ring causes pain, it’s too tight.
    2. Gently open and shake your hand. If the ring feels like it could fly off, it’s too loose.


    If you don’t know your ring size, you can order a free sizing kit from the Rockford Collection website. We do not suggest getting your ring sized by any other jeweler for two reasons: 

    1. Sales agents in most jewelry stores are not professionally trained to find ring sizes.
    2. Rockford Collection is the only designer that provides ring sizers with a width that is accurate to the width of our rings. 

    For these reasons, we highly suggest avoiding generic jewelry stores when looking for your ring size.

    Rockford Collection proudly offers free ring sizers to all customers in the USA and Puerto Rico. A small shipping fee applies to international orders. To order a free ring sizer kit, click here.

    Why Would a Ring Need to Be Resized?


    There are many reasons why a ring may need to be resized. Most often, rings will need to be resized either because you ordered the wrong size, or after a significant weight change. If you’re planning on gaining or losing a significant amount of weight, talk to your specialist about this before purchasing your Rockford ring. Most rings from Rockford Collection cannot be resized, and your specialist will be able to show you designs that are easier to be resized should you need it.

    Intricate ring designs, (like the Northstar ring), pieces that are fully iced out, (like this Briggs ring), and designs that include more than 30 pieces, (like the La Paz) are all much more difficult to resize. In most cases, these rings cannot be resized at all.

    How Much Does It Cost to Get a Wedding Band Resized?


    Resizing your ring is a very intricate process that can cost you anywhere from $250 up to the cost of a new ring. This is why it’s important that you double check your ring size before placing your order. 

    Rockford Collection will happily remake any ring within 14 days of purchase. Rings returned in this window will be subject to a restocking fee based on the current retail price of the ring.

    What is the Ring Resizing Process?


    Every Rockford ring is assembled by hand, exactly to the specifications of the client. It is for this reason that the majority of Rockford rings cannot be resized. On rare occasions, your ring can be increased by up to half a size. Rockford rings cannot be sized down.

    To determine if your Rockford ring can be resized, you must first send the ring in for inspection. From there, a specialist will be able to provide you with an accurate understanding of the options available to you. If your ring cannot be resized, it will need to be remade and will be subject to remaking fees.

    Final Word


    When choosing your ring, it is important to know your true ring size. A properly sized ring should slide over your finger with some resistance, but not too much. If your ring requires effort to take on or off, you should go up half a size. The best way to avoid ordering the wrong size is to determine your size by using a free ring sizer from Rockford Collection. To order a free Rockford Collection ring sizer, click here.

    Should you need any help finding your ring size, you can schedule a virtual or physical appointment with a Rockford Collection’s jewelry expert by clicking here.