Can Men Wear Diamonds?

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what does that mean for the rest of us?

    Believe it or not, diamonds used to be historically designated for men. From ancient world leaders, like the early Maharajas of India, to modern legends including Sir Elton John and designer Karl Lagerfield, men in positions of power have had a historical proclivity for jewelry. The question now is- can any man wear diamonds? To be short- yes!

    What Jewelry Can A Man Wear? 

    diamond ring for men

    Diamond jewelry is unisex- there, we said it. Any piece of jewelry can be worn by a man or woman, the only defining factor is whether they’re confident and comfortable enough to rock it or not. If you ask us, we think diamonds look incredible on everyone.

    That being said, there are, of course, typical pieces of jewelry that are widely accepted as jewelry for men. We’ll discover those pieces, and more, in this article.

    Diamond Jewelry for Men

    jewelry for men

    Every man can appreciate the elegance of a nice watch, but why stop there? The modern jewelry industry has made it far easier for men to dip their hands in the realm of jewelry.

    Men’s jewelry tends to be larger, bulkier, and flashier. That doesn’t mean that men can’t sport a thin diamond and gold band, but why stop there? The 21st century man has far more options for diamond accessories, ranging from the daintiest designs to heavyweight statement pieces.

    Men’s Diamond Rings

    Wedding rings

    men`s diamond rings

    Wedding rings are probably the most widely accepted form of jewelry for men. For centuries, men of all different backgrounds have showcased their promise of eternal love by sporting a ring on their left or right ring finger. While most traditional men’s wedding rings have a sleek, featureless design, modern wedding rings for men have much more to offer, with unique design styles and options to match any personality. It is not uncommon for men to incorporate diamonds in their wedding rings, especially considering the significance of diamonds. What better gemstone to include in a men’s wedding ring than the stone that represents love, health, and strength?

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    Statement rings

    fashion rings for men

    Newer to the men’s jewelry scene is the genre of statement rings. These pieces vary greatly in style and aesthetic, featuring everything from statement rings with rare gemstones to simple and chic accessory bands. Luckily for the modern man, there are virtually no rules when it comes to fashion rings. So long as you enjoy it and feel comfortable wearing it, that's truly all that matters. Any Rockford Collection ring can easily be worn as a statement piece, all you need is the confidence to do so!

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    Signet rings

    signet rings for men

    One of the most historical styles of men’s rings is the Signet ring. Sleek, bold, and personalized, these rings date back as far as 3500 BC, when pharaohs and religious leaders used the flat-face of the signet ring to seal documents and signify the prestige of the wearer’s family heritage. Nowadays the signet ring has been coined “the gentleman’s ring”, and with good reason. Signet rings speak to the loyalty and pride in one’s personal history, showcasing that which is truly important to the wearer.

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    More Jewelry For Men


    The chain necklace has been a staple in the jewelry world since jewelry was invented. From ancient pharaohs, who used chains as a testament to their elite status, to 16th century Europeans that casually sported gold chains as bulky as bicycle chains, this simple yet extravagant piece of jewelry has withstood the test of time tenfold.

    chains for men

    The influence of the gold chain has even found its way into the 21st century, with many different cultures embracing the power that can be felt while sporting this timeless piece. From Cuban dons and Italian mob bosses, to mainstream rappers and musicians, the gold chain has captivated men from nearly every walk of life.


    pendants for men

    What’s a good chain without a similarly stunning pendant? Arguably, the most important part of any chain ensemble is the pendant. With so many options, it’s nearly impossible to not find a pendant that speaks to you personally. From personalized dog tags to iced-out Jesus-pieces, there is no limit to what you can put on a chain.

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    bracelets for men

    One of the most versatile pieces that a man can add to his collection, you can never go wrong with a reliable gold and diamond bracelet. From bright and flashy diamond tennis bracelets to sleek and polished silk cord bracelets with diamond accents, the options for bracelet accessories are endless.

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    earrings for men

    A newer classic for the fashion-centric man, a solid pair of diamond earrings can take any look from good to exceptional. Diamond studs have even found their way on to high-fashion runway shows and mega-influencers. Try scrolling through Instagram or walking around town without seeing one man wearing a pair of earrings, you’ll see what we mean.

    Whether you’re a fan of the stud earring or opt for a bit more movement that can be found in a dangling piece, the diamond earring is the perfect final touch to complete your ensemble.

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    Diamond jewelry is for everyone

    Diamond jewelry is for everyone, regardless of gender. The only identifying factor of whether you can rock a diamond piece or not, is you! Diamond and gold jewelry dates back to before 3500 BC and has been associated with men and women of power in nearly every corner of the world. With a bit of confidence, education, and style, you too will be able to pull off any piece of jewelry your fashion-forward heart desires.

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